Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Hot Dog Roast

This summer I have been working with both Wolf and Bear dens.  Most of the time we have met separately, but not always.  With some creativity, I can plan activities that meet achievements for both dens.  Holding a hot dog roast was just one of those activities.

Before we actually started the meal, we planned what we should eat (most of which I had already purchased; I had planned on taking them to the store, but that fell through), where we should have the fire, and how we were going to do it.

We have a portable fire pit that I put on the driveway.  The boys brought the little twigs and other pieces of wood to the driveway and eagerly helped prepare the fire.  First each one had to crumple one or two newspaper pages each.  Then all the left over pine needles and small twigs from our Christmas tree were put on top followed by thicker pieces of wood.

One match.  That's all it took.

We stirred and poked and watched the flames.  After they started to die down, each boy took a turn roasting a hot dog over the dying flames.  A few minutes later, marshmallows were toasted to perfection over the coals.

My favorite comment was from one boy who didn't like his toasted marshmallow because it was squishy.

The boys all loved the opportunity to "play" with fire--what an adult thing to do!  Cooking the food was secondary.  That night I asked my son what was the best part of his day.  "Having a hot dog roast!" topped swimming and other activities.

Game with a purpose.  That's what Baden Powell promoted.

Faith in God and Cub Scouts

With a little planning, you can help your boys earn the religious knot from Scouting while they are in the Bear program.  The Faith in God requirements meet the requirements for achievements and electives. (Click here for a link Faith in God online.)

Faith in God guidelines are to do two requirements each year from each section.  This fits nicely with the Wolf and Bear requirements and allows the boy to earn Bear Achievement 2.  I've put together a tracking chart that lists each requirement and what Wolf, Bear, an Weblos achievements and electives each item fits with.  Feel free to download this chart and use it.  The chart can be passed along to each scout leader when the boy moves to another program as well as copied and given to the parents.

Faith in God Requirements

Learning the Gospel (do two as a Wolf and two as a Bear)

* Teach the First Vision in family home evening and discuss prayer
* Give opening and closing prayer in primary or family home evening
* Share story from Book of Mormon that teaches faith in Christ
* Make a pedigree chart and family group sheet; discuss temple work

Serving Others

* Write letter to parents, grandparents or teacher express thanks and respect
* Read the 12th Article of Faith and discuss your actions.

Developing Talents

* Write poem, story, or short play about Gospel principle or one of God's creations