Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Treasure Hunt

6 boys + 1 yard + 1 hot muggy afternoon = 6 completely different treasure maps and an over an hour of great entertainment!

One of the Treasure Maps
Before scouts began, I took brown lunch sacks and cut the bottom out.  Then I burned the edges and wrinkled the paper to give it an aged look.

Each boy scouted out the front and back yard.  With crayons or markers he drew his own treasure map, complete with treasure at the end.  Six small containers safely nestled 8 whoppers each.  (The whoppers came out of one box of candy from the dollar store!) When the maps were draw, each boy came and got a container and placed it at the end of his treasure hunt.

We started with the first boy who was finished, then the second boy, etc.  The next boy in line was the boy who held the map for the current hunt.  The creator was supposed to hang back and let the others figure out his map.  That was just too hard for the excited boy to accomplish, which was a good thing, because most maps were indecipherable without help!

Throughout the activity we even talked about a great classic "Treasure Island" and a name that all should be familiar with:  Long John Silver.

After it was over, some of the boys wanted to take home extra blank maps and create a treasure hunt for their family.


  1. I'm loving all your ideas, thank you for taking the time to write them out. I'm new to scouts and having a hard time getting into it.

    1. Dear Kristi,

      Thank you for your nice post! I'm glad that you are finding the information useful. I haven't been working in cub scouts for a while. Like you, I didn't know very much when I first started. I found, however, that I really grew to love it. The boys were always so eager to do whatever we had planned.

      I found that if I could keep them moving, my meetings went much better. I always tried to implement some form of movement with the "talking" requirements.

      Good luck!!

    2. Our cub scout troop in Newport Beach did this tonight at our Blue and Gold Banquet and loved it!!! Thanks very, very much for sharing your idea.

    3. Erin! Thank you for the feedback! I'm so glad you could use this activity!