Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Learn about Your State and State Flag


That's what they think about when you ask questions like "What does this mean on the flag?"  "What about this?"  Talk about a recipe for distraction, goofing off, and frustration on the part of the den leader.

Instead, we created a state flag.  Our state is Utah.  I got some blue construction paper for the background.  I trimmed gold strips for the three edges.  Then I copied a coloring book page of our state seal for each boy.  While we talked about the meaning of the flag, they cut, glued, and colored their own flag to take home.

You can get coloring book pages and other state information at Kid Zone.   If you want, you can make your whole flag cut and paste.  That was too complex and time consuming for my state.  Coloring the details worked just fine.

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